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gullet n : the passage between the pharynx and the stomach [syn: esophagus, oesophagus, gorge]

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  1. The throat or esophagus



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  1. Definite singular of gull

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The esophagus or oesophagus (see American and British English spelling differences), sometimes known as the gullet, is an organ in vertebrates which consists of a muscular tube through which food passes from the pharynx to the stomach. In humans the esophagus is continuous with the laryngeal part of the pharynx at the level of the C6 vertebra. It is usually 25-30 cm long which connects the mouth to the stomach. It is divided into cervical, thoracic, and abdominal parts.

Functions of the esophagus

Food is passed through the esophagus by using the process of peristalsis. Specifically, it connects the pharynx, which is the body cavity that is common to the digestive factory and respiratory system with the stomach, where the second stage of digestion is initiated.
The esophagus is lined with mucous membrane, and is more deeply lined with muscle that acts with peristaltic action to move swallowed food down to the stomach.


The layers of the esophagus are as follows:

Gastroesophageal junction

The junction between the esophagus and the stomach (the gastroesophageal junction or GE junction) is not actually considered a valve, although it is sometimes called the cardiac sphincter, cardia or cardias, but is actually more of a stricture.

Additional images

Image:Esophagus_path.jpg|H&E stain of biopsy of normal esophagus showing the stratified squamous cell epithelium Image:Illu esophageal layers.jpg |Layers of the esophagus. Image:Mid_esophageal_mass.jpg|Mid-esophageal mass Image:Illu stomach2.jpg|Stomach Image:Digestive system showing bile duct.png|Accessory digestive system. Image:Illu dige tract.jpg|Organs of the digestive tract. Image:Gray1032.png |The position and relation of the esophagus in the cervical region and in the posterior mediastinum. Seen from behind. | Image:Gastro-esophageal jxn.JPG|Microscopic shot of a cross section of human gastro-esophageal junction wall.


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abdomen, abomasum, bay window, beerbelly, belly, breadbasket, craw, crop, diaphragm, embonpoint, esophagus, fauces, first stomach, gizzard, goozle, gorge, gut, guzzle, hals, honeycomb stomach, kishkes, manyplies, maw, midriff, omasum, paunch, pharynx, pot, potbelly, potgut, psalterium, pusgut, rennet bag, reticulum, rumen, second stomach, spare tire, stomach, swagbelly, third stomach, throat, tum-tum, tummy, underbelly, ventripotence, weasand, wizen
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